Hi, I’m Mike

People pay me to build things on the Internet in TypeScript, PHP and GoLang. I like open source, giving talks, and challenging projects.

I’m a nomadic software developer who can be found somewhere in the world. You can usually find me fixing one of our European cars or building something at our house when I’m not at work and after that, I’ll be relaxing with a nice craft beer or good cup of coffee reading a book.

Some Things I’m Good At

  • JavaScript; TypeScript, vanilla, React and more
  • Front-end performance
  • Code auditing & reviews
  • Decoupled/semi-decoupled WordPress architecture
  • Architecting and scaling enterprise applications
  • CSS/SCSS/mobile-first responsive
  • Working on WordPress VIP Classic & Go
  • Advanced PHP

Some Talks I’ve Given

Press, Publish, React

Use of a decoupled CMS is an exciting new approach that many organizations are exploring as a way to remain nimble in rapidly evolving industries. A decoupled approach allows teams to maintain the familiar and robust WordPress admin interface while simultaneously embracing design-forward front end experiences that are engaging, aesthetic and highly flexible. With the recent incorporation of the WordPress REST API into core, these possibilities are now a reality. But how, exactly, can this be achieved on an enterprise scale?


Peering Into the Process of Code Review

We all make mistakes. A missing semicolon. An unused variable. Debugging statements printing. Any of this sounding familiar yet? All of these bugs and errors can be caught effectively with a peer code review process. In addition, code reviews can help with knowledge transfer, creative problem solving and team morale when done right.