1st Bank Knocked It Out of the Park Today

Well, the Superbowl has come and gone and thus begins the roundup of the best ads of the show. There were some fantastic ads this year, but 1st Bank REALLY knocked it out of the park. They not only took a completely different twist on the normal ad, they took a brilliant approach to showing their message.

Why they succeeded:

They took a completely different approach to a Superbowl ad

Most ads are cluttered and somewhat complicated. They try to tell a whole story in 30 seconds or less with humor, wit, emotion, or striking visuals. There’s nothing wrong with this, but 1st bank painted their picture completely differently; with no striking visuals, no half-naked women, and no childish humor.

It was still funny.

The ad wasn’t boring, it still made you laugh.

The message was simple, obvious, and effective.

The ad was so simple, it would be almost impossible to miss the message. Even if you missed the words that the narrator spoke, you couldn’t miss the “Better customer service” copy in the ad.

All in all, absolutely my pick for the favorite of the night!

Here’s some of the other better ads of the night: