AT&T: Are You Nuts?

As some of you might know, AT&T (and others) have taken to the practice of throttling (slowing data down as much as 90%) their highest data users. Quite often, this is happening to customers who are using as little as 1.5GB a month. Need I remind you that AT&T sold a 2GB plan for the last two years and is now selling a 3GB data plan. Are you serious?

Ya, AT&T is throttling customers for staying well within their purchased plan limits.

You’d have to be nuts to not expect a backlash and gobs and gobs of bad PR, not to mention the incredible amount of lost subscribers from a plan this publicly idiotic.

AT&T is trying to a) make a lot of money by encouraging people to move from unlimited data plans to higher cost, limited data plans and b) covering up the fact that they sold more data plans than they could possibly support if everyone were to actually use all the data they’re paying for.

In other words, AT&T is woefully ill-equipped to handle the amount of data they’ve sold and they’re blaming customers.

So, my question to AT&T: are you nuts?

PS: your upgrade fee just doubled. Since, ya know, so much labor and infrastructure is spent on the automated process of recognizing your new $200 phone.

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