My Productivity Tools

Since I’m avoiding doing real homework right now, I thought I’d at least go over what I use for productivity when I AM actually doing work for you guys.

A lot of these are simply methods and workflows that I’ve found to be useful over the years and my work for you and may not. But, I definitely recommend giving them a try!

Best Book: Making Ideas Happen by Scott Belsky

This book is spectacular for inspiration and harnessing your creative energy. I’ve already read it twice and will be reading it again after I finish The HP Way.

Also consider checking out the 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss.


Dropbox – Dropbox is one of my most used apps on either of my iOS devices and the CPU. It’s easy to navigate, gives you a significant amount of storage and has allowed me to virtually replace paper and printing except for select instances.

LogMeIn – LogMeIn is completely free and gives you access to any of your computers (Mac or PC) and also your internal documents and cloud documents.

Wunderlist – List app on steroids. It will sync with all devices wirelessly and is easy to use. My homework would not be done without this app.

Pandora – Headphones and music keep me focused when I need it and Pandora ensures I never have to change my focus or choose music.

NewsRack – Not necessarily productivity based, but blogs keep me inspired and give me tons of ideas. This is by far the best blog reader I’ve found

(the 1st 4 are free, NewsRack costs $5)


Rapportive -Allows you to see a photo, social media information, even multiple email accounts of the person you’re emailing or get an email from where Google ads would normally show up (Works in Gmail). Saves a lot of headache from accidentally emailing the wrong person!

Firebug -Inspect elements on web pages, pull out images,  find bugs, etc.

Colrzilla – Pick an exact color from anything you can see on a web page and automatically have it copied to your clipboard

Mindnode – Brilliant mind mapping software. makes the process seamless and painless. (Mac only)

Physical Products

Trusty notebook – I use this to take notes, write business ideas down, articles, questions, and on and on and on.

Whiteboard – Invaluable. Life would be less without my white board. Oh ya, and visualizing all the random crap that goes through my head would be a lot harder.

Signo Micro pen – Inexpensive, and perfect for my writing style

Signo red gel pen – Add some color into the equation. CSU Bookstore keeps getting them in and always have them at 50% off. No idea why.

iPad/iPhone – Slick, fast, portable, and replaces paper.

A Clean Workspace

I spend a LOT of time maintaining the general cleanliness of my office, and my desk at the office. Personally, this is invaluable for keeping me on track and keeping my mind from roaming.

Running/Exercise/Morning Meditation

Keeps me calm, focused, and thinking properly. It’s also kept me from getting actually sick in well over a year.


I know there’s more and I’ll probably put them in as time goes on, but that’s most of it for now!