Test Content Generator

Testing is one of my favorite parts of building a website. The in-depth, detail work involved in quality testing is something that I’m really drawn to and enjoy building tools for. When testing, content is an integral part of making sure that there are no visual bugs or ticks on the website – however, spinning up a lot of content takes time. A lot of time.

With this in mind I’ve built a tool to build content & be able to similarly remove it with the click of a button. It’s simply called Test Content Suite and it’s up for free on my Github account.

The concept is simple – you choose how many posts to spin up (or keep it random), click the “Create” button, and the plugin will create those posts, assign them to appropriate taxonomies, pull in featured images, and even create metadata if available.


You can then delete the posts you created (and only those test posts – it won’t go wild on you) by hitting the “Delete” button. Simplicity is the key here – I wanted to make the process easier and quicker and this does the trick.

The tool is currently intended as a development tool and is thus only available on Github for the time being. When it’s built out to a place to be more applicable to a general audience I might push it onto the .org repo.

I hope you enjoy this small, free tool!