The Blog is Back Up!

After several months of no activity, and even the blog going down for a while, I’m back and ready to do some blogging! Since I last posted, I’ve graduated college, gone full time at my job, and got a kitten. It’s been busy, but it’s nice to take a bit of a break and focus for a bit.

Since I’ve been gone a while, I figured I’d share what I read on a regular basis. I read anywhere from ten-twenty blogs a day, and here’s the full list. I’ve put an asterisk next to the ones that are my favorites. It’s a big list, but I would encourage to look through at least some of these. There’s some seriously good material and inspiration in there.

Daily reads: (I read through these with an app called NewsRack)
Must. Keep. Going. *
Dornob *
Motoring Con Brio *
OS X Daily
Seth Godin’s Blog *
One Page Love
The Domino Project
Jonathan Fields *
Engineered to Slide
Fast Company *
September Industry **
Tim Ferriss *
The Art of Non Conformity
Clay Shirky
Matt Mullenwing
A Smart Bear *
Blake Masters * (basically free classes by Peter Thiel teaching at Stanford)
Mill City
Charts n’ Things *
Creative Guerilla Marketing
Liquid Brand Exchange
Old Town Media (shameless plug)
MotoringFile *

Weekly reads: (I read these on
Smashing Magazine
JUST Creative Design *
A List Apart *
Inspect Element
Google Blog
Google Webmaster Blog
Google Agency blog
Net Tuts+ *
Web Design Tuts+ *
PSD Tuts+
Vector Tuts+
WP Tuts+
Trend Watching **
Publishing Executive