The Importance of Balance and Consistency

I’ve been losing my mind today. I can’t focus on homework, not to mention projects I actually WANT to work on. I know what the problem is, I haven’t worked out in over a week, I didn’t meditate today for the second time in a week, and my coffee rhythm (yes, I have a coffee rhythm. I am that addicted.) is completely thrown off.

Now, one or another of these probably wouldn’t be the end of the world. Altogether, however, and I’m half worthless. I CAN pump out work, but it’s not any good and takes twice as long to boot. my balance and consist

In a world where our minds are often valued far more than our bodies, some sort of balance and consistency is essential to maintaining a solid working pace. I obviously haven’t found this balance yet as a simple thing like a 4-day trip to a neighboring state can completely wreck my rhythm. But, it definitely starts with priorities.

My time priorities right now are completely out of whack; they are in school, work, relationship, (first three in no particular order) and starting the magazine. Anything else gets tossed in between. In reality, taking care of my body should be second on that list following my relationship with my wife and spiritual relationship. Everything else will follow in the wake of taking care of those two things.

Also keep in mind that it takes more than getting your priorities straight to achieve the proper balance. Consistency is incredibly important for getting the full result of that balance.