The Next MacBook Pro Lineup Will be Amazing!

So, this is just rumors, but if reality is anything close to the rumors, the next generation of MacBook laptops will be amazing. According to OSX Daily, we could be looking at these specs for the next generation MacBooks:

  • Thin and light MacBook Air inspired design
  • Dual Core & Quad Core Ivy Bridge CPU’s with speeds up to 2.9GHz
  • An ultra high resolution display at 2880×1800
  • SSD drive to replace the traditional hard drives
  • Removal of the optical drive
  • Longer battery life
  • Emphasis on digital distribution for software installation

SSD Drives, 2.9GHz processors, and a Retina display? This is stuff that almost no laptop and a decent proportion of desktops aren’t even running (especially the SSDs and Retina Display).

Sign me up! (release expected alongside the iPad3 release in March)

For my friends who aren’t nerds like me:

  • The Retina Display will have 4x as many pixels as a normal display. That’s 4x as much data to be shown on the screen which makes for an ultra-clear picture.
  • SSD stand for Solid State Drive. These completely eliminate the moving parts in a hard drive (in other words, the parts that always fail) and can read/write data 2x faster.