5 Years Ago I…

There’s been some reminiscent activity on Facebook today, and that got me thinking: where was I 5 years ago? Life was very, very different and I literally had no idea that I would be where I am now, today.

5 years ago (Feb. 2007) I…

  • Was driving a 1995 Audi 90cs Quattro – probably one of the very few things I REALLY miss from this era
  • Was finishing my senior year in high school
  • Was also going to TH Pickens Tech for photography
  • Thought I was going to be a photographer with my life
  • Probably hadn’t yet applied to Metro
  • Had only been working at Wal Mart for 9 months – was still a cashier
  • Hadn’t yet met the love of my life
  • Still lived at home – would for the next 2 years
  • Had absolutely no idea how to code or design
  • Still watched way too much TV
  • Didn’t know that Top Gear existed
  • Barely read anything but crummy car magazines
  • Definitely wasn’t comfortable in my own skin yet
  • Was quite disorganized
  • Hadn’t yet discovered aviators
  • Didn’t like biking or bikes
  • Didn’t exercise
  • Barely spent anytime outdoors (this is very unfortunately happening again – I must change this)
  • Would have hated beer
  • Hated Macs (wow)
  • Spent all my money on gas and food

A lot happens in 5 years!

Where were you 5 years ago?